So (per Adidas) this is what looking “different” looks like:

September 29th, 2012, Wisconsin will visit Lincoln, NE and participate in what will be one of the strangest uniform match-ups in history. Both teams (Huskers and Badgers) have had similar styles of uniforms in recent years (Red/White uniforms with basic stripes) and now due to the conference realignment the two teams will play frequently, causing some confusion on field with regards to attire.

Adidas, the uniform sponsor for both teams, had seemed to have promised to offer “new looks” to differentiate each teams’ uniforms this upcoming season. What has been unveiled this week leaves more than a little “different” to be desired.

“Different” per Adidas: Red, White, Black OR White, Red, and Black. Oversized letters on the helmet, on the front of jerseys, and letters on the gloves. “Bold” numbers on the left shoulder. Black shoes with black socks. Are the designs exclusive to a team?

As a wannabe designer I don’t mind the fact that they have tried to “match” these uniforms for this so-called “UNRIVALED” game. This is a great match-up, which could have implications on either teams title hopes any year this game is played. I do mind, however, as shown above, that either design could have been worn by either team. Are the designs exclusive to either team?

Why not use these in different games against teams with traditional/futuristic uniforms from another manufacturer (i.e. Under Armour or Nike) to feature the NEW cutting-edge Adidas Techfit uniforms? I would love to have seen the Huskers take on Michigan State in these duds.

BUT… Come late September, we get to watch the N’s take on the W’s… or is it the W’s taking on the N’s? Who’s in the Red and Black and who’s in the Red and White?

So here (as I keep asking above) is the the big question: If the “logo” letters were changed… Would anyone have known which teams’ uniforms were which? “Team colors” aside, are the uniforms exclusive to either of the teams? 

While I hate a lot about the designs, I don’t hate them entirely. Here are the #techfit promo images… enjoy?

Good luck to both teams this fall (specifically the Huskers – GBR)… And to Adidas, *ahem* I am still awaiting your call.


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I unknowingly hit 91 page views last Friday… thanks Adidas!

On this poorly managed blog, I normally hit 3-5 views a day.
Adidas made this number skyrocket to 91 views last Friday, July 27th, with the leak of the Nebraska Cornhuskers Alternate uniforms. While the design featured here is unofficial, this design is, in my opinion, 1000 times better than the actual alternate design (begrudglingly linked to intro video here … Love the music though.)
Adidas, I am happy to consult next year… all of my Husker football alternate uniform designs are available on my facebook page here.

Go Big Red!


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I wrote a Bieber parody song “Hot Momma” and I won’t stop until it gets 100 listens.

Yeah. I know. Yes. You’re right. The internet isn’t for this kind of thing. But I mean… It kinda is. So…

Hot Momma

PLEASE LISTEN TO THIS (by clicking the orange play button below!)

Comment if you like it… or hate it… or just love me and wanna be on the internet.

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2012 Alternate Husker Uniform… Please, Adidas, do this right!

I have posted this previously, but after reviewing countless insane, boring, or comically bad uniform designs I have concluded that this is the only way to go. Black is the color that changes the uniforms without “changing the uniforms.” Same style, same stripes (don’t get me started on the last uniform update,) and the same over all class that Nebraska brings to football. These are solid and classy without being boring. If someone can find a uniform design that “updates” without overdoing the tech/color craze/major change, I will be happy to look at them… until then I say we push Adidas to make these. I think Tom will like them, do you? Comment below to let me know what you think!

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I think I try too hard… too fast. (Or how I became Ted Mosby)

“Life is like a dark road. You never really know what’s up ahead…”

Ted Mosby (How I Met Your Mother)

This post is pretty self explanatory. I have learned that I spend too much energy too quickly on things I get excited about. I am pretty sure it’s a coping mechanism that makes me feel great for a bit, and then I feel like crap when I fail to follow through. Any ideas that could help me cool my jets? Poll below for the 2 of you that will read or see or answer.

And as you may have noticed the lack of numbers around the page, I am dumping the heavy handed “weight-loss” aspect from this blog. Things got depressing for a while there. I am aiming for more self improvement and awesome stuff I find… Deal? Things are changing, I am starting to hope in a good way. Good stuff is starting to happen, BUT I promise not to get too excited about it.


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